It has been reported that in any given year more than 10 million U.S. taxpayers choose not to file their tax returns. There is a myriad of reasons that may cause a taxpayer not to file; but whatever the reason is, not filing is almost never a good idea. Even if you are unsure of what you owe and you fear a big bill, filing your tax return and starting a negotiation process with the IRS and your state’s taxing agency can help you manage the bill,

and keeps you on the right side of the law.

Ignoring the problem may delay the pain, but doing so can also make it worse when you finally face the need to pay. Interest, penalties, and steep late filing fees can all build up very swiftly.

At TaxWealth, we do not work on tax dispute resolution cases ourselves, but have forged partnerships with well-respected, tenured specialists who do. They understand the law, have intimate knowledge of how the IRS and state tax authorities work, and can work with those agencies to win you relief.

Coupled with TaxWealth’s Second Opinion Tax Diagnosis™ our joint work can bring to you great benefit. They craft a plan to eventually solve the problem while we help to hasten solving it by identifying missed planning opportunities and taxes that you may have wastefully been paying. You may very well be able to recoup overpaid taxes and use them to help offset your current tax bill.

The IRS can be very slow-moving, and it could take years before it “finds you” and demands payment of taxes they claim you owe. Doesn’t it make good sense for you to take advantage of this time delay and use it to find solutions?

It’s been said that there is wisdom with many counselors. Put your fears aside and contact us to start the conversation in order to take advantage of our many years of experience in finding tax relief for our clients. Please click the following button to request contact regarding your specific tax dispute resolution needs.

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