Our U.S. Tax Code is complex and multi-layered, with federal, state and local statutes competing to take their share of your hard-earned income and capital gains. But, the codes offer benefits as well as obligations. From solving capital gains tax issues to reducing income taxes, there are many sections in the codes that lets you significantly reduce your tax obligation and save thousands of dollars in taxes you will otherwise wastefully pay!
Finding these tax remedies is sometimes challenging because they are buried in “lines of code.” Take the agony out of it by following a simple step-by-step process.
The TaxWealth Second Opinion Tax Diagnosis™ Process

1. An Unbiased Tax Analysis

If you own a business, at no cost to you and with no obligation, we will analyze your last three years’ personal and corporate tax returns and your asset portfolio to identify missed planning opportunities and taxes that are wastefully being paid. We would also like to assess your investment portfolio because changes to how you allocate expenses and investments across all assets and operations can also generate tax benefits.

If you are selling a capital asset like real estate or your business, use the Second Opinion Tax Diagnosis™ to gain a very clear view of the tax problem that will be triggered before you sell. Property owners selling appreciated property will find that their IRS tax obligation is higher than the current 20% capital gains tax rate. Once the escrow closes on the sale, little can be done to mitigate the taxes.

Our complimentary Second Opinion Tax Diagnosis™ includes a Pre-Sale Tax Analysis & Money Flow Projection™ for each property to be sold. Once we receive the information requested, it usually takes just a few days to complete our evaluation and report back to you our findings.

Note: As part of our process, it is very important that we evaluate all of your properties. It is not uncommon to find hidden tax benefits in those properties you plan to keep which can be used to help offset the taxes due on the property you want to sell or use these benefits to capture added tax-advantaged income.

2. Complimentary Benefits Review Notice

After each analysis is complete, we send you a Benefits Review Notice detailing:

  • The projected taxes you would have to pay if you sold without a tax plan in place
  • The range of tax and income benefits available to you which are supported by tax law

You can then decide if you would like to meet with us for a free one-on-one meeting to discuss our examination findings in detail.

3. Free Analysis Review Meeting

We will thoroughly review our findings with you so that you understand all your tax planning options and how each effects you and your family. You can choose which planning approach makes the most sense for you and provides the greatest peace of mind.

4. Legal Review Meeting with your other Advisors

The next step is to meet with your CPA and/or attorney to review the solution(s). We will give them a clear understanding of these planning methods so that they can do in-depth due diligence to validate in tax law the chosen solution before you make a commitment. Only after this is done and you are comfortable proceeding, do you approve the drafting of the appropriate legal documentation for implementation.

5. Tax-Saving Program Implementation

With all due diligence completed, we submit all the necessary paperwork to recoup or obtain your tax savings.

A Team-Oriented Planning Approach

This step-by-step approach has checks and balances in place that protect you from the beginning of the process to its conclusion:

  • TaxWealth as your tax-planning strategist identifies and facilitates the tax solutions.
  • Tax attorneys and your CPA or accountant jointly provide tax law validation and structure.
  • If real estate or a business is sold, your professional broker guides the sale of the asset.

All team members are dedicated to maximizing your profit and income.

The Good News - You Have Choices

Tax laws exist that let you pay less in capital gains and income taxes, create greater tax-advantaged income, and use these new assets for any purpose you think best. You just need to understand your real options. Take advantage of our Second Opinion Tax Diagnosis™ service. We will give you the knowledge you need to make better informed decisions.

Are you ready to save more to your bottom line by taking a long term view?

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