Our planning process begins with conducting a Second Opinion Tax Diagnosis™ of your most recent tax returns to identify missed opportunities and wasted taxes you may be unknowingly paying. We follow a proven process that guides us to pinpoint ways to lawfully reduce the taxes and convert them into added tax-advantaged cash flow.


Significant Tax Savings Found by Implementing Our Second Opinion Tax Diagnosis™
Our Second Opinion Tax Diagnosis™ methodology, examining our clients’ three most recent personal and corporate federal and state tax returns, continue to provide great results:

  • For 1099-Misc income earners and other business owners, we routinely identify $10,000 or more in annual taxes that are being paid needlessly; and in many cases, we help the taxpayers to recoup taxes that they unnecessarily paid in previous years.
  • A recent Diagnosis revealed more than a 60% reduction in ordinary income taxes for a property owner, in addition to solving his capital gains tax problem when his apartment building was sold.
  • We recently identified a combination of existing tax code sections which allowed the client to eliminate all the capital gains taxes on the sale of his long-held property assets.
  • We solved a California homeowner’s retirement cash flow challenge using the combining a monetization loan with a specific type of installment sale planning approach. All the capital gains and other taxes were deferred for decades and these former government employees happily moved into retirement with a much greater amount in the nest egg than they had originally anticipated.

These are just a few of the hundreds of different tax planning solutions we have built to save clients thousands in improperly paid taxes.

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