Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend!

It has been a crazy year, hasn’t it? With all the political turmoil across the nation, you would think the United States was on the brink of collapse. On the contrary, outside the political cocoon, our economy is actually doing rather well, with 4% unemployment and annualized growth close to 3%, and in my view, likely to grow even more.

Within those numbers, of course, there really are structural inequities that do need addressing, tax reform among them. But, as a nation we have a lot for which to be thankful, and we all need to stop and remember that the underpinnings of the USA are strong and will endure. 

Thanksgiving, though, should be a daily occurrence and not slotted to just one day.  So, as we look to the new year, we keep in mind and thank day after day our family, friends, business partners and collaborators who all played a role in making this year successful for each of us; and who will continue to do so as we transition into 2018.  And most importantly, we thank our Creator for showering His blessings upon us through them. 

So, thank you all! We at TaxWealth wish you the best of all possible Thanksgiving weekends, and a joyous and not-to-stressful holiday season that gifts you the right balance between work and play!


About the Author...

Bruce Jones - Tax Planner

Bruce Jones got his start in financial services in 1970 and has taught the subjects of tax management and financial strategy planning since 1974.  He is President and CEO of TaxWealth®, a tax analysis and solutions research firm which provides comprehensive income, capital gains and estate tax remedies for owners of real estate, privately-owned businesses and other capital assets. He also supports CPAs, attorneys, financial advisors and real estate and business brokerage professionals, helping to solve their clients' tax problems. 

TaxWealth works with clients and professional partners nationally from its home office in Newport Beach, California. Visit their web site at www.taxwealth.com  or call Mr. Jones toll-free at (800) 300-4723 to discuss your tax concerns.


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