TaxWealth is a tax analysis and solutions research company which for 23 years has served owners of real estate, privately-held businesses and other appreciated assets. We are very effective in helping to reduce, defer or even eliminate income taxes, and solve the capital gains and other tax concerns that are triggered when residential, commercial and other investment property or a business is to be sold.

We also provide value-added tax planning support to CPAs, attorneys, real estate and business brokerage professionals, and other financial advisers to help solve their clients’ tax problems. We are headquartered in Newport Beach, California and serve our clients and professional Partners nationally.

At the Helm

Bruce Jones

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Mr. Jones entered the financial services industry in 1970 and has taught the subjects of tax management and financial strategy planning since 1974. He is a Certified Tax Coach™, Chairman of the Strategy Planning Professional Advisory Council, an alliance of Tax and Estate Planning Attorneys, CPAs, Real Estate and other financial professionals, and a member of the Planned Gift Development Committee for St. Mary’s Medical Center Foundation in Long Beach, CA. Mr. Jones is also a co-founder of the Aliso Viejo (CA) Chamber of Commerce, writes on tax planning issues and speaks extensively on this topic at public and trade association forums.

Mark Latimer
Managing Director

Mark Latimer brings to TaxWealth over 30 years of experience in senior positions as Chairman, President, and Senior Vice President, starting, developing, and managing very high growth entrepreneurial companies and large corporate divisions, including Freddie Mac and CalFed, Inc. Mr. Latimer is very accomplished in driving performance results in sales and corporate growth strategies. Expert at accelerating revenues and profits using cross industry techniques and combining customer relationship management, flexible operational execution, and process re-engineering.

Among his many accomplishments, he engineered the growth of the multi-class securities business line while at Freddie Mac from $1 billion to $140 billion per year in asset sales in 5 years; and he redefined the trading desk function growing the online trading volume from $7 billion per year to $70 billion per year in 4 years.

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